Build a raised bed with us!


We want vegetables! And we want it right in front of the door. We are going to build a raised bed behind the brick building of the University of Munich.

If you like to get your h ands on and learn something (or watch others while working) you are invited to join us.

Get your dirty clothes, gloves and work shoes, bring spades, shovels, saws, hammers and nails.

illu2 Kopie

It would also be nice if someone has an idea, where we get 100kg of dung and how we can cart the shit through Munich. An extra thank you for that.

The action will take place on Thursday, 9 April 2015 at 12:00. We are expecting incredibly nice weather. So that we can plan ahead and if necessary inform you about changes in the plan, please write to us in advance, if you come.

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