Reishi tea


Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) are coveted mushrooms in traditional Eastern medicine. In nature, the fungus is very rare, so rare that its consumption in historic China was reserved alone to the Chinese imperial family.

The fungus grows on rotting trees and branches. There are different cultures of Reishi, it occurs either in antler shape or in hat shape. Reishi grows very slowly, but this leads to its very strong defenses against natural rivals. It forms a resistant outer wall of chitin, which is why you can not eat it raw. You can buy it processed as a powder.

The fungus is considered a true miracle fungus, it is even called mushroom of immortality. Its ingredients are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, relaxing, to mention just a few features. It is used in cancer therapy, strengthens the immune system and has an antioxidant effect.
It occurs to have no negative side effects.


In December 2014 I innoculated a glass of substrate with Reishi culture, after about 3 months I was able to harvest the fungus. I decided to make a tea from the fresh mushroom.

Pilz und Schere

Reishi tea

– Harvest fresh mushroom
– Cut into thin slices
– Soak overnight
– Heat and simmer for 3 hours (or longer)

Reishi Tee

I was very pleasantly surprised by the mild flavor of the tea. It appears to have a slightly bitter taste like a green tea. The tea tastes a bit nutty, mild like mushrooms. I like the taste and find it fine and unobtrusive.

I drink the tea preferably cold from the fridge, but I can also recommend it for hot beverage lovers.

Reishi Nahaufnahme

Who does not want to wait three months until the fungus has grown can order the mushroom powdered or dried. The water then only needs about 20 minutes to cook until the tea is ready. The taste is unlike the fresh mushroom described as extremely bitter.

Please get in touch with me if you tried this by [email protected].

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