Our veggie patches

We made it. There are now two vegetable patches standing behind the brick building next to the little beer garden.



On Monday we also planted some veggies to start with: Strawberries, radishes, salad, spinach, kohlrabi, tomatoes and a lot more. We will keep you updated!

Next to the veggie patch lives a watering can. On the hot summer days our little green friends will be very grateful if you give them some water!

Finally, we want to thank you all for your help and support!

For the video of the build we took a photo every 30 seconds.

The music is by  “The Blue Fuzz”.

Please leave the patches as they are, don’t take or destroy anything.  Please inform us if something happens to them. Don’t litter, put the benches back in place and keep the place as beautiful as it is right now!

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